Police report details the kangariot in the Beaver Dam McDonald's

Police report details the kangariot in the Beaver Dam McDonald’s

“[I’M] UPSET ABOUT A BABY KANGAROO” said no one ever - until now.

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Remember the service kangaroo that was kicked out of a McDonald’s and the national coverage that followed? We’ve uncovered the call logs that show how it all went down.

The call came in to the Beaver Dam, Wisconsin Police Department at 11:40 — an anonymous citizen reported that something unusual was happening over at 840 Park Avenue, the McDonald’s off exit 142.

Ms. Lemke, the dispatcher on duty, recorded that the informant, Incident Number 2015-00001006, was upset. “CALLER THINKS IT’S ILLEGAL,” she logged on the CAD Narrative. The priority level was rated as “High.”

Minutes later Officer Richard Dahl was on the scene, bumping into a departing Diane Moyer and her baby kangaroo.

Mrs. Moyer, wielding paperwork from Dean Medical, claimed she had acted within the law and described the misunderstanding: A bystander had thought that the blanket-clad kangaroo was a human infant, and so she exposed her joey to clarify. This lead to a photo op, which in Ms. Moyer’s words “is what caused the problem.”

Ms. Moyer agreed to leave, and back at the station, Communications Officer Peter Kaczmarski put the final note on the case before noon.


Read through the report on the request page, or embedded below:

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