Second Florida Judge rules to suppress release of Robert Kraft video

Second Florida Judge rules to suppress release of Robert Kraft video

Judges cite “fair trial rights” as means to withhold footage

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This week, a Florida circuit court judge ruled the controversial Orchids Day Spa video of New England Patriots owner Robert Kraft cannot be released ahead of the trials for Kraft and the 24 other men charged with soliciting prostitution at the massage parlor.

Palm Beach County Judge Joseph Marx was the second Florida judge moving to not release the video. The motion was followed by Judge Leonard Hanser’s ruling last week who cited “fair trial rights” as a reason to not release the video and protect the rights of Kraft and others involved in the criminal case.

Per Hanser’s ruling, the release of the footage can only be released when a jury is sworn in for trial, when the case is resolved via plea agreement or the state decides that it no longer wants to pursue the charges.

Kraft was charged on two misdemeanor counts along with 24 other men accused of soliciting prostitution at Orchids Day Spa. Earlier this month, Kraft’s lawyers filed an emergency motion to prevent footage from reaching the public. Last week, his lawyers filed another motion to suppress video evidence.

It is unclear what precedents, if any, this week’s actions have on the state’s public records law. You can read the full Kraft motion on DocumentCloud.

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