Don Stone

Does OGA simply mean “Other Government Agency” or is it specific to certain other agencies that the FBI investigates for ?

I’m aware of USDOJ, and several other alphabet agencies, IRS, SEC, etc that were curious about Charles Richard Longo Sr. (deceased 2011) and certain of his associates.

Any information concerning OGA and FBI FOIA request would be appreciated.

I recently received an FBI FOIA response that stated:

“Additionally , inquiries regarding your OGA referral designated within the release as “Referral/Direct” may be directed to the following agency:

General Services Administration- Office of Inspector General Patricia Oliver, Paralegal Specialist Room 5332 1800 F. Street, N.W. Washington, D.C. 20405-0002

You can review the info. here under Responsive Documents

Thanks Don Stone

Jack R-W

Yes, OGA = other government agency, not a specific government agency. The reference to OGA in your response is because the FBI located records from another goverment agency and referred your request to them so that those documents are processed, as well. You should be receiving a letter from that agency soon with more information.