Susan Varner

I would like to know how many of the children charged in public school shootings were on ritalin or anti-depressants or both. I would like that information to include children recently taken off of said medications. I would also like an accurate account of how many children in public schools have been put on these drugs over the past twenty years. My question is, where would I be most likely to get that information? Thank you in advance for any guidance you may be able to provide. Sincerely, Susan Varner

Carlton Purvis

Hm, that seems like a tricky one since it deals with medical info. I don’t know if any agency would have a list of how many kids have been put on ritalin. I would start with state health departments or the Department of Health and Human services and see if they keep any stats on that. For specific school shooters, when they’re put in prison there is a form where they would list any medications they’re on. You could find out the name of that form and request that. Also, court transcripts may tell you if it was talked about in court.

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