Mark Cottell

I submitted this request and received an instruction to be more specific about the records I’m requesting. I asked for watchlist and investigation files. Beyond this, I’m not sure what level of specificity they are looking for. Since the Watch-listing process is shrouded in mystery, how would I know what file to ask for? As far as investigations, I asked for everything. I’m turning to you (since you are the experts) to see if you can guide me through this archaic process.

If you are aware of resources that would increase my chances of actually getting the information I want, by all means, please let me know. I’d appreciate it.

Jack R-W

Your request is way too broad. You won’t be getting any watchlist data, so it’s best to remove that part. Also, adding that huge list just makes you look crazy. If you want documents regarding yourself, file a Privacy Act request and request all documents regarding yourself.