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I am asking for reimbursement records that the Democratic Party pays whenever someone non-official flies on Air Force One. I submitted one to the Air Force and Secret Service, but I read in the New York Times that the Federal Election Commission (FEC) is where this data may lay. the NYT article says “The Democratic Party’s latest monthly report of travel reimbursements, filed last week to the Federal Election Commission, had precise entries like $3.82 for “White House Airlift In-flight services” — a sandwich from the Air Force One galley perhaps? — and 23 payments totaling nearly $100,000 for airfare, including $95,759.10 to White House Airlift Operations and $3,833.19 to the Treasury Department.” The link to the NYT is here:

Any ideas why the FEC seems to think I sent an FOIA incorrectly to them? Was my wording to specific about Air Force One?

Thanks, Pat

Shawn Musgrave

Hi Pat,

I’d respond back with exactly what you wrote above, including the NYT link. This will help contextualize the request, and help FEC FOIA staff determine whether they have any documents responsive. 


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