Brandon Galbraith

A request I submitted to the DHS/ICE FOIA team ( was responded to as such:


Good afternoon,

This request was closed out due to being a duplicate of multiple requests received by Muckrock . All responses for:

16-96095 16-96100 15-99665 15-100157 15-100169 16-01109 16-01117 16-01125

Were all released under 2016-ICFO-100157

Sincerely, ICE/FOIA


but I’m unable to find reference to 2016-ICFO-100157 either in MuckRock or ICE’s online FOIA status system.

Jack R-W

Using the search bar at the top of the page for “100157” yields this relevant result:

Brandon Galbraith

Thank you Jack!

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