Jonah Petri

Hello, I am curious what strategy you’d recommend with this request. It’s more than two weeks overdue, and it has been 3 weeks since the last response from the state. Is it too soon to think about appealing this due to inaction? Given that the requested documents are reports from a contractor to MassDOT, I would think that finding and forwarding them would not be a multi-week process. But I don’t have much perspective on this, so any advice you may have would be appreciated. Thanks much, Jonah

Jack R-W

I don’t know much about MA law, but generally everything is a multi week process. Even perfected requests take a long time to process. Usually the best thing to do is wait, unless the agency has violated the law.

Todd Feathers

I would appeal ASAP. the MA Supervisor of Records takes a while to get around to appeals, but they’re usually pretty good at getting agencies to stop procrastinating.

Jonah Petri