MuckRock Thiel Fellowship

Peter Thiel - co-founder of both PayPal and Palantir and an early Facebook investor - has profoundly reshaped industry after industry and, ultimately, remade the world to better fit his radical vision of the future. With MuckRock’s Thiel Fellowship, we want to help journalists and researchers better understand this pivotal figure’s work and share what they learn with the public.

The MuckRock Thiel Fellowship

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If you would like to contribute additional funding to the MuckRock Thiel Fellowship, you may donate here. Funds raised will go towards reporting and research stipends to successful applicants, FOIA fees to agencies, and other project-related expenses as approved by MuckRock. Donations are tax deductible.

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4 Articles

Requester's Voice: Investigative reporter and MuckRock Thiel Fellow Mark Harris

Requester’s Voice: Investigative reporter and MuckRock Thiel Fellow Mark Harris

Mark Harris was getting tired of consumer reporting when he found a way to get great scoops to literally come right to him: Freedom of Information requests. Here our inaugural MuckRock Thiel Fellow shares the tips and tactics that helped him pierce the secrecy around Palantir and dig into other secretive tech companies.

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Introducing MuckRock’s Thiel Fellows

Introducing MuckRock’s Thiel Fellows

Last September, we announced the MuckRock Thiel Fellowship, an opportunity for one journalist to dedicate their time, wit, and a whole lot of FOIA requests to studying the life’s work of Peter Thiel. Thanks to the generosity of Motherboard, The Outline, and a number of individual supporters, we were able to expand that to three inaugural Thiel Fellows, and I’m pleased to announce them today.

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With support from The Outline and Motherboard, MuckRock's Thiel Fellowship is now offering over $5,000

With support from The Outline and Motherboard, MuckRock’s Thiel Fellowship is now offering over $5,000

We’ve already received a number of wonderful applications to the MuckRock Thiel Fellowship, and even more organizations and individuals have reached out to support highlighting companies connected to Peter Thiel. Selected fellows will now collectively receive over $5,255 in FOIA assistance, funds to pay request fees, and reporting stipends.

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