Release Notes: New and improved agency pages!

Release Notes: New and improved agency pages!

See how your favorite government entity stacks up

Every time a MuckRock user files a request with a new agency, we create a dedicated profile page to start keeping track of their key details, including their average response time, how often they assess fees and more. Thanks to our community of requesters, you can now browse over 22,000 agency pages — and we wanted to make them even more useful.

A recent redesign has added additional statistics and an improved design, including at-a-glance comparison to their peers, average fulfillment rates and other helpful tools to help you plan your request strategy.

For previous site improvements, check out all of MuckRock’s release notes, and if you’d like more frequent peaks at the latest and great, join the MuckRock Slack.

Up-to-date transparency data, on demand

As an example, check out the FBI’s stats on MuckRock.

image shows five stats pertaining to the FBI’s adherence to public records requests, showing an average of 219 days to respond, 20 days mandated by law, a 22.06% success rate for requests, 2.55% of requests are assigned fees, and on average the fees amount to $2,589.12

Agency pages also include direct contact information, including email for professional and organizational paid accounts.

image shows the contact information for the FBI public records division, including an email address that is only available to pro users

Visitors can also browse through a gallery of all public requests made to that agency, as well as jump straight to any released documents. Digging a little deeper, one can filter by the status of the request to look for other requests that have been filed, completed, rejected or did not produce documents.

image shows a gallery of public records requests filed by MuckRock users sent to the FBI, the left-hand sidebar lists requests by status such as Filed, Completed, Rejected, No Responsive Documents, Awaiting Acknowledgement, Awaiting Response, Requiring Action, Overdue as well as records requests that are currently in Appeals

Some agency pages, like the FBI’s page, also include a helpful tip that guides users to references on how to craft better public records requests to the agency.

screenshot of a tip on the MuckRock FBI agency page linking to an interview done by Ryan Shapiro about tips on submitting FOIA requests to the FBI

We hope that improved agency pages and our existing jurisdiction-based search help MuckRockers file better requests no matter which agency you’re interested in. If you have suggestions for further improving these pages or notice any errors, please feel us at

Image via Wikimedia Commons