Release Notes: New support pages in the DocumentCloud Beta

Release Notes: New support pages in the DocumentCloud Beta

A new DocumentCloud requires new documentation

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Last week, we released support for “flat pages” on DocumentCloud, which we use to host documentation, about pages, and more. For previous site improvements, check out all of MuckRock’s release notes, and if you’d like to get a list of site improvements every Tuesday — along with ways to help contribute to the site’s development yourself — subscribe to our newsletter.

A new home for documentation

Sometimes, we need to go into a little bit of a deeper explanation than what can fit into a dialogue box. For those instances, we’ve release new flat pages on the DocumentCloud Beta, which are created to store larger bits of rarely updated content. When we’re closer to launch, we’ll port our about page, terms of service, and similar pages to use it.

These pages automatically include tables of content and condense nicely on mobile. You can see them in action with our API documentation and advanced search help.

Reporting bugs and feature requests

If you notice a bug or have a question about the above documentation, please email DocumentCloud support.

As we continue to revamp DocumentCloud, we’re continuing to tweak and improve all our digital tools, including this website. If you spot a bug or have a feature request with MuckRock, you can help by opening an issue on GitHub.

If you do, please search open issues first to make sure it hasn’t already been reported. If it has been reported previously, please leave an additional comment letting us know it’s an issue for you, particularly if you can provide more details about when it crops up or what you think is causing the problem.

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