Help journalists read through family border separation complaints

Help journalists read through family border separation complaints

We’ve had 300 submissions to a new Assignment from the Center for Public Integrity, but we still need help

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Edited by Michael Morisy

More than 600 complaints about family separation events were submitted to the Department of Justice’s Civil Rights Division in 2018. They contain summaries of the apprehension and separation of parents and children at entry points along the Mexican border, and they help to provide a sense of what’s been recorded of these events and “zero tolerance” border policies.

Soon after they were released via the Freedom of Information Act and provided to the Center for Public Integrity, CPI opened an Assignment to ask for help going through and sorting them. We’ve received more than 300 submissions. But there are still more to get to, and we’d love your help.

MuckRock Assignments have been built to assist groups like CPI, reporters, and others crowdsource the often time-consuming work of delving into large document and datasets. By participating, you’re joining the hundreds that have donated their time to great causes in need of a few extra sets of eyes, and you’ll be assisting the efforts of groups like the Center for Public Integrity.

We appreciate your help investigating this story. Let us know if you have any trouble or questions.

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