MuckRock readers tell of water service horrors in Georgia

MuckRock readers tell of water service horrors in Georgia

More than 50 people in DeKalb County have submitted their stories of frustration to our Assignment

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Water customers in DeKalb County, Georgia have had legitimate complaints about their water service for years. Irregular billing, rapidly increasing water and sewer rates, overflowing sewage - despite efforts to address the issues, residents throughout the county remain dissatisfied and overcharged.

Last week, MuckRock opened up an Assignment to learn more from you about how these issues have been affecting our readers in Georgia. More than 50 people have submitted to the call, highlighting their stories of frustration and surprise while trying to resolve their issues with obtaining clean, affordable water in their living spaces.

MuckRock is still learning more about the ongoing issues in DeKalb County, Georgia. If you or someone you know has had an experience with the water service there, please let us know via the Assignment.

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