MuckRock users release over three million pages of government records

MuckRock users release over three million pages of government records

We’re going to need a bigger filing cabinet

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Thanks to their clever FOIA requests, generous crowdfunding, and taking part in large-scale projects, MuckRock users have now helped release more than three million pages of previously secret documents. Thank you for helping build this resource that’s freely available to all.

It’s also been amazing to see how much more quickly our FOIA archive has been growing. In our first six years, MuckRock helped release a million pages of documents. Our second millionth page was published just two years after that. And our users have helped released over a million more in just the last six months.

Graph of pages released over time through MuckRock

To everyone who has ever filed a request through MuckRock, donated to a crowdfund, submitted a suggestion, or just help spread the word, we cannot thank you enough for your help. MuckRock would not be the platform for transparency it has become without the amazing community behind it.

If you’d like to help us keep filing, and be able to afford some much-needed reinforcements for our hard-working scanner, please consider donating — all donations are doubled now through the end of the year.

And no matter how you’ve supported us — by filing, by donating, or just by reading — thank you for getting us here. We’re excited to help publish millions of more pages for many years to come.

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