The MuckRock Winter Swag Sale: FOIA Valentines, new stickers, and our first book, co-authored with the FBI

The MuckRock Winter Swag Sale: FOIA Valentines, new stickers, and our first book, co-authored with the FBI

Come in from the cold this winter with a variety of FOIA-themed goodies

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Edited by Beryl Lipton and JPat Brown

Looking for a Valentine’s surprise for the ████████ of your eye? Or something to spice up your laptop or smartphone’s look? The MuckRock Winter Swag Sale is back and bigger than ever, with new items and a limited-run of some favorite goodies from the past.

Plus, every purchase you make helps MuckRock, a 501c3 non-profit organization, keep running. We’re a small organization and every purchase (or donation!) makes a big difference.

We also still have hoodies, t-shirts, sunglasses, and much more in the MuckRock store.

FOIA Valentines are Back

Maybe you’re looking for a card to impress that special filer in your life, or maybe you’re looking to get something for the whole i-team. Our FOIA Valentine’s Cards come individually, in four-packs or in 12-packs. FOIA Love for everyone! Only on sale until January 29th to allow ample time for shipping for Valentine’s Day.

The FOIA Lover’s Package

Want to really show your appreciation for a transparency fan - even if that fan is yourself? The FOIA Lover’s Package brings together some of our most beloved items at a steep discount.

Our first book, co-authored with the FBI*

MuckRock users have filed almost 4,000 FOIA requests with the FBI, and we’ve written about 200 of them over the years, including digging into the files of artists, academics, activists, and one person who just happened to have the wrong name at the wrong time. Working with the Harvard Book Store and its print-on-demand robot Paige M. Gutenberg, we’ve compiled some of our favorite selections of FBI files on prominent writers over the years.

  • While the FBI collected and provided the files, they were not involved with this publication nor do they formally or informally endorse it.

Get your hands on all our FOIA data!

We help file a lot of FOIA requests, the vast majority of which are made public and freely browsable on the site. But so much data is tough to move around digitally, so we’ve got a new product: A download of all our public FOIA data on a hard drive shipped right to your door.

It includes not just the responsive documents and attachments, but also text files of every communication. The possibilities are endless for FOIA-inspired art projects, machine learning experiments, and anything else that would require over 400 gigabytes of public-domain FOIA data.

Each hard drive is artisanally hand-formatted, so it might take a week or so from order to shipment.

FOIA stickers!

New year, new stickers as they always say. For 2018, we have three brand new designs along with reprints of two classic MuckRock stickers. The new stickers include the design from our FOIA-punk Black Bar t-shirts, a timeless reminder to Always Be Filing, and a way to show that no matter where your FOIAs take you, you’re not alone.

The other two designs are our logo on a round blue sticker and our full name with the logo on a rectangle sticker (not pictured). All will look great on your phone, laptop, or remote filing cabinet holding our nation’s secrets. These should start shipping out in about a week. Stickers come in ten packs, with two of each design.