oTranscribe is joining MuckRock and DocumentCloud

oTranscribe is joining MuckRock and DocumentCloud

Transcription tool will remain free and open source

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Edited by JPat Brown and Amanda Hickman

We’ve been long-time fans and users of Elliot Bentley’s wonderful oTranscribe tool, so when he announced it was looking for a new home we were happy to find he thought DocumentCloud and MuckRock would be a perfect fit.

We’re looking forward to managing and improving the service used by tens of thousands of journalists and many others who use it to help privately and intuitively manage their transcription process.

If you are a current user of oTranscribe, don’t expect any sudden changes. MuckRock/DocumentCloud will take ownership of oTranscribe’s website, GitHub organization and social channels over the next few weeks, and our main focus is keeping oTranscribe the reliable, dependable service that it is today while continuing to invest in improvements to keep it useful for many years to come.

If you haven’t tried oTranscribe before and need to transcribe some audio or video, give it a try. It’s a simple, free tool that does not require a login and stores all your data locally, letting you quickly play and pause audio as you type and easily inserting timestamps as needed.

If you have questions or feature suggestions, please reach out.

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