FBI's investigation into #GamerGate included threats of "nuclear extortion"

FBI’s investigation into #GamerGate included threats of “nuclear extortion”

Heavily-redacted file appears to implicate 8chan’s notorious /baphomet/ subboard in a yet-unknown nuclear plot

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Back in 2014, MuckRock reported that a request for Federal Bureau of Investigation files on the online movement “#GamerGate” had been rejected on grounds there were ongoing criminal investigations. Several years later, the FBI released a heavily-redacted copy of that file, largely consisting of the Bureau looking at various death threats related to the movement.

While details are scarce …

at one point it appears as if the threats had escalated to full-blown nuclear retaliation.

While this particular investigation is almost redacted in its entirely, the source of the threat is identified as the notorious /baphomet/ subboard on 8chan …

which just a few weeks after the investigation began had its entire history wiped following the doxxing of a federal judge.

Read the full file embedded below or on the request page.

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