Help find out how many people Massachusetts State Police arrested for marijuana possession after legalization vote

MSP want $180 for arrest reports from period between vote to legalize marijuana and the measure going into effect

Written by Andrew Quemere
Edited by JPat Brown

On November 8, Massachusetts voters passed Question 4, which legalized recreational marijuana use - but the ballot measure didn’t go into effect until December 15. During that period, the Massachusetts State Police continued to make marijuana-related arrests - roughly 100 to 110, According to Sean Farrell, a lawyer with the MSP.

It’s unclear how many of the arrests were for actions that are still illegal under Question 4, which prohibits certain activities involving marijuana, such as possession over an ounce while in public, operating under the influence of marijuana, which is also still illegal. We’re curious if the MSP made any arrests for conduct that is now legal, and you can help.

The police department has asked for $180 for copies of the arrest reports. Please contribute so we can get these reports released.

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Image via Massachusetts State Police Facebook