Submit your town to MuckRock’s private water survey

Submit your town to MuckRock’s private water survey

The discussion surrounding privatizing water will require increased public oversight

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Right now, the current administration’s plans to improve American infrastructure and create jobs nationwide rest heavily on the hope of public-private partnerships, an approach to governance that typically involves contracting services or jobs to private companies.

This winter, MuckRock invited you to submit your town as part of our survey to learn more about which towns and cities are privatizing a particularly public resource: water. As municipalities throughout the country confront the difficulties of treating worn down infrastructure, like pipes and filtration system, the decision to hand an outside company the responsibility for safe, clean water delivery often leads to risks and costs for consumers.

We’re waiting to hear back on our outstanding requests, which you can take a closer look at via the request pages linked on the map locations below.

But we’re hoping more people will join our efforts. Know of a company looking to expand near you? Add your town to the form below, and we’ll add it to our project.

Image via Cannon Air Force Base