Celebrating 250 years of your Right to Know

Happy International Right-To-Know Day! Stay curious!

Written by Beryl Lipton
Edited by JPat Brown

Today, this 28th day of September 2016, marks International Right-To-Know Day, currently celebrating 250 years of Right-To-Know legislation on the Earth. In 1766, a full ten years before the United States birthed itself, Sweden adopted “His Majesty’s Gracious Ordinance Relating to Freedom of Writing and of the Press,” and so set an example for open access to governments around the world - at last count, 113 in total.

MuckRock is proud to be a part of the long tradition, helping to facilitate transparency between citizens and their democracy, and we encourage you to visit some other resources from around the world.

Happy International Right-To-Know Day! Stay curious!

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