A tribute to the greatest signatures in public records

A tribute to the greatest signatures in public records

This Sunshine Week, we celebrate the FOIA officers who get their job done with a flourish

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Edited by Michael Morisy

Ever since “John Hancock” became synonymous with signing one’s name, it’s been no secret that public servants like to leave their mark in style. Since 2014, MuckRock has been featuring the most most impressive signoffs in transparency as part of our “Great Signatures of FOIA” series, and now, for the first time, in honor of Sunshine Week, we’re putting them all in the same place.

Please, join us in recognizing those FOIA officers who’ve turned squiggled ink into an art form.

Kimberly Blow

Bureau of Prisons

Gregory M. Conte

Bridgeport, Connecticut Counsel

William D. Gore

San Diego Sheriff’s Office

Ellen Ha

Detroit Legal Department

Andrew T. Krog

Broadcasting Board of Governors

Ray LaHood

Department of Transportation

Tara L. Miltimore

Cape and Islands District Attorney’s Office

Don L. Neubacher

National Parks Service

Mark Nokeley


Sara Platt

U.S. Army Corps of Engineers

Danielle L. Rysedorph

New York State Department of Health

Nancy K. Stoner


Jonathan R. Vining

Louisiana Department of Corrections

The date this article was published, we received the following letter from the DEA.

Your Guess Is A Good as Ours


We’ve seen Katherine L. Myrick’s rather conservative signature before, and whatever this is, is definitely not her. If anybody could help shed some light on this, let us know via info@muckrock.com

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