Richard Feynman put himself on the FBI's Do Not Call list

Richard Feynman put himself on the FBI’s Do Not Call list

Fed-up physicist pulled “I helped make the A-bomb” card to get out of Bureau interviews

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Richard Feynman’s sprawling FBI file covers two-thirds of the physicist’s legendary career, from drama over his invitation to speak at a Soviet science conference to an unnamed colleague citing his hobby of cracking safes at Los Alamos as evidence he was a “master of deception and enemy of America.” But the file stops abruptly in 1958, and for a very Feynmanian reason: Feynman asked them to.

Richard Feynman Do Not Call

After decades of Bureau inquiries, it appears a fed-up Feynman simply pulled the “I made the atomic bomb” card and asked to be left alone.

Richard Feynman I Made The A Bomb

To their credit (and perhaps due to Feynman’s not inconsiderable clout), the FBI obeyed Feynman’s wishes, with Hoover even writing a chastising memo reminding agents not to bother the man without a damn good reason.

Richard Feynman Hoover Rebuke

So there you have it: if you ever wanted to get the Bureau off your back, try to get a job on the Manhattan Project.

Read Feynman’s full file embedded below, or on the request page.

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