Do your local police have banned military equipment?

Do your local police have banned military equipment?

Baltimore Police Department has 13 of the now-forbidden bayonets.

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Edited by Shawn Musgrave

Today, the Obama administration announced an immediate ban on certain types of military equipment transfers to local police, including grenade launchers and some armored vehicles. However, it’s unclear what that means for ordnance the police may already posses - thanks to an earlier collaboration with The Marshall Project, you can find out if your local law enforcement agencies have any of the restricted gear.

Unfortunately, that information only goes back to last December, but a list accurate as of March 31st of this year can be found on the Defense Logistics Agency reading room.

The announcement mentioned an report analyzing the controversial program, which we will be requesting shortly. You can read about Shawn Musgrave’s year-long campaign to get the Pentagon to release the full transfer list here.

Image by Jamelle Bouie via Wikimedia Commons and is licensed under CC BY-SA 2.0