Read through the Boston 2024 emails you helped release

The $1200 your raised freed 2500 pages of material

Written by JPat Brown
Edited by Beryl Lipton

Just a few weeks ago, we asked for your help to raise the nearly $1200 that Boston City Hall wanted for the Boston 2024 emails Jonathan Cohn requested. You delivered, and we’re happy to say so did City Hall.

Thanks to your contributions, we now know that an email calling for a peaceful protest sent Joseph Rull running to Boston Police Commissioner Will Evans …

That Doug Rubin’s PR firm apparently has the authority to determine what does or does not constitute a public record …

And that Daniel Koh will never be making this mistake again.

Read through the full emails on their request pages or embedded above, and thanks again for your role in ensuring a more transparent Olympic process, and with it, a more transparent Boston.

Image via Boston 2024