Help crowdfund the release of the infamous Doraville SWAT tank video docs

Just $5 can provide valuable insight into police attitudes towards the 1033 program, pre and post Ferguson

Written by JPat Brown
Edited by JPat Brown

A few weeks back, the city of Doraville, Georgia drew international attention for a video posted to the front page of their Police Department website, depicting a SWAT tank training exercise, complete with stylized skulls, eagles, and an industrial metal soundtrack.

Though the video dated back to 2009, and the Doraville PD had had the tank for at least a year earlier than that, public awareness and the ensuing controversy regarding the 1033 military surplus plan during the Ferguson protests led to the department removing the video.

User Dean Triplett has requested correspondence regarding both the creation of the video, and the decision to remove it. And for fifty dollars, the city’s willing to hand them over.

This is a great opportunity to see the police’s attitude to the 1033 program, pre and post Ferguson, and very obtainable - every bit helps! Contribute below, and check out Georgia’s agency-by-agency 1033 list (including Doraville PD) here. Thanks!

After a successful crowdfund, the documents were released, which are embedded below:

Image via Doraville PD