Massachusetts  State Police want almost $600 for release of 1033 data

Massachusetts State Police want almost $600 for release of 1033 data

After ignoring requests for weeks, MSP switches tactics to fight release of military transfer docs

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As we mentioned last week, Massachusetts was one of just thirteen states to refuse to release data on military equipment transfers to local police. Even though individual departments were willing to disclose what weapons and vehicles they had received via the 1033 program — including some grenade launchers and mine-resistant vehicles — the Massachusetts State Police is fighting to withhold information.

While we’re still in the process of appealing their refusal to release their inventory forms, we’ve put the pressure on related 1033 requests open with the MSP - their 1033 compliance reviews, and 1033 property inventory/request forms.

Where at first the MSP simply ignored both requests - two weeks with no response - after appeals for constructive denial were filed, they changed their tactic. With the exception of Louisiana, most state police have provided their 1033 docs for little to no cost - the MSP is asking for close to $600 for both.

While we’ve already paid for the less expensive of the two requests out of pocket ($187.50 for the compliance reviews), we’re going to need your help with the larger amount. Even in digital form burned onto a CD, they still want $400 for the property inventory/request forms.

If you’re so inclined to help backfund the compliance documents, we’d obviously appreciate it, but right now our focus is on getting these forms - both because they’re going to provide valuable insight into which departments are in possession of which ordnance, and because it will show the MSP that we’re not backing down. On both points, we can’t do it without you. Help spread the word, and every bit helps.

You can contribute on the request page, or via the button below. We can’t thank you enough for your continued support.

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