April 28-May 4, 2019 Calendar - Immediate Disclosure Request

Anonymous Person filed this request with the San Francisco City Attorney of San Francisco, CA.

It is a clone of this request.

Due May 18, 2019
Est. Completion None
Awaiting Response


From: Anonymous Person

This is an Immediate Disclosure Request under the San Francisco Sunshine Ordinance, made before close of business May 8, 2019.

** Note that all of your responses (including disclosed records) may be automatically and instantly available to the public on the MuckRock.com service used to issue this request (though I am not a MuckRock representative). **

We request under the San Francisco Sunshine Ordinance (Ordinance) and the California Public Records Act (CPRA):

"1. an electronic copy, in the original electronic format, with all calendar item headers, email addresses, metadata, timestamps, attachments, appendices, exhibits, and inline images, except those explicitly exempted by the Ordinance, of the City Attorney (Herrera)'s calendar, with all items, from April 28 to May 4, 2019 (inclusive)."

We remind you of your obligation under City of San Jose v Superior Court (2017) to search personal accounts/devices for calendar items regarding the public's business, as appropriate.

We remind you of your obligations to provide electronic records in the original format you hold them in. Therefore, calendars exported in the .ics, iCalendar, or vCard formats with all non-exempt headers, metadata, attachments, etc. are best. Such formats are easily exportable from Google Calendar, Microsoft Outlook, Microsoft Exchange or other common calendaring/email systems.

However, if you choose to convert calendar items, for example, to PDF or printed format, to easily redact them, you must ensure that you have preserved the full content of the original calendar item record (as specified in request "1"), which contains many detailed headers beyond the ones commonly printed out. If you instead provide PDFs or printed items with only a few of the headers or lacking attachments/images, and therefore withhold the other headers/attachments without justification, you may be in violation of SF Admin Code 67.26, 67.27, Govt Code 6253(a), 6253.9, and/or 6255, and we may challenge your decision.

Please provide only those copies of records available without any fees. If you determine certain records would require fees, please instead provide the required notice of which of those records are available and non-exempt for inspection in-person if we so choose.

I look forward to your immediate disclosure.


From: San Francisco City Attorney

Dear Sir/Madam,

I am writing in response to your immediate disclosure request received May 8, 2019.

We hereby invoke an extension of no more than 14 days to consult with another department regarding the records (See Cal. Gov't Code ยง6253(c) (3)). We will do our best to respond as soon as possible. However, based on the breadth of the request and the detailed information sought by it, which may or may not be readily available, we reserve the right to treat your request not as an immediate disclosure request, but as a request subject to the ordinary deadlines. If this is the case, we will notify you of such within 10 days.

Please send replies to cityattorney@sfcityatty.org<mailto:cityattorney@sfcityatty.org>


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