Police staff roster (August 2021) (Clark County Sheriff's Department)

Phil Mocek filed this request with the Clark County Sheriff's Department of Clark County, WA.
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Multi Request Police staff roster (August 2021)


From: Phil Mocek

To Whom It May Concern:

Pursuant to the Washington Public Records Act, I hereby request the following records:

Staff roster including but not limited to first and last names, job titles, areas of assignment, and badge, serial, and other identifying numbers. In order of preference, I would prefer that this data be provided as: OpenDocument spreadsheet, plain text with comma-separated-values (i.e., a "CSV" file), Excel spreadsheet, or the native electronic format of the software from which this information is retrieved in fulfillment of my request. I specifically request that you not create a new record for me by rendering to PDF or by printing your electronic record then scanning it to make a series of images of the printed data.

The requested documents will be made available to the general public, and this request is not being made for commercial purposes.

In the event that there are fees, I would be grateful if you would inform me of the total charges in advance of fulfilling my request. I would prefer the request filled electronically, by e-mail attachment if available or CD-ROM if not.

Thank you in advance for your anticipated cooperation in this matter. I look forward to receiving your response to this request within 5 business days, as the statute requires.


Phil Mocek

From: Clark County Sheriff's Department

Dear Phil:

Your request has been logged in WebQA and has been given the reference number P026300-081221 for tracking purposes.

Clark County should receive your request today, except if today is a holiday or weekend, in which case receipt will be on the next business day.  You should receive a response from Clark County within five business days of their receipt that: (1) provides records; (2) provides an internet address allowing you to access records; (3) acknowledges your request and provides a reasonable estimate of the time required to respond to the request; or (4) denies the request.

You can monitor the progress of your request at the link below.

Clark County, WA

From: Clark County Sheriff's Department

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To Whom It May Concern:
The Clark County Sheriff's Office is in receipt of you request.
Please advise if you are requesting an employee roster for the Enforcement Branch, Corrections Branch, or Civil Branch.
Thank you,
Sheila Viken
Public Records Unit
Clark County Sheriff's Office

From: Clark County Sheriff's Department

P026300_Responsive_record.xlsx (https://u8387795.ct.sendgrid.net/ls/click?upn=nZGH0ylxadMp5hTpNkeAFoi9wppMyBhPL2GAbK7wTrKQGypu0XsOW3J1o-2FVrvF-2Bp92rzMs4jYElHWx4eyrjPggiIjf-2FmOaVB-2BpRfq-2BbhDA75COY6t-2FttzAaJ3WAbRta-2BUP4eweYvXyLZhnTU7svkPZMNAKHzuRkAuN-2F-2Bc5gcz4Zm1rMGGpPGR-2FIvsZO-2Bw0pRsGEYyk5XjLoCsrReBklJyyondI3vzCYY-2FmEfrM1EDes-3Dg2BJ_IjXdtXX8H-2FjIt0CdgwGTaFkWOZu5OHYB8e6NyBXbRsZ4h9D3c6OhGZqX0OEIB912-2FfgmamupgerZuFcFtWrcOzLyYJGx6kX9i1KeGhlXIK-2FDQV4jfhx5X22Vb0sPizaTULUTjOxtkCcNApDxyxd3Z8USyrKfVO21o-2FTnwxyR88c6ht66EBvow9hHlIzKzq94Sw7j10EBigpAVwb3cPJdbxHelH-2FG3hpouATBRHwkt2WAo8yGRZcH7CTVQnVi5qrSqH-2FFkgqUdaBFQ5wen477FSNYeWqljRSQd9n-2BT-2FqR0P6r-2BrkUW15x-2FeAIBZLJKHRySWJmBM8M-2Flm1twFy5BJlxFK91BCnxCecvimnAiAf110CJutjOLS2S2S-2F0e5O5JQEY01WjIMBFr-2BaPhsXqOO86w-3D-3D)
Response_Letter.pdf (https://u8387795.ct.sendgrid.net/ls/click?upn=nZGH0ylxadMp5hTpNkeAFoi9wppMyBhPL2GAbK7wTrKQGypu0XsOW3J1o-2FVrvF-2Bp92rzMs4jYElHWx4eyrjPggiIjf-2FmOaVB-2BpRfq-2BbhDA75COY6t-2FttzAaJ3WAbRta-2BUP4eweYvXyLZhnTU7svkPZMNAKHzuRkAuN-2F-2Bc5gcz4ajD4x0UE5zL04Gf3aZAPGzdsgDhkq3lWpgL51y-2BYfP5O-2BBzK0KkvK-2FyN-2BICSGkz-2BA-3DLGGQ_IjXdtXX8H-2FjIt0CdgwGTaFkWOZu5OHYB8e6NyBXbRsZ4h9D3c6OhGZqX0OEIB912-2FfgmamupgerZuFcFtWrcOzLyYJGx6kX9i1KeGhlXIK-2FDQV4jfhx5X22Vb0sPizaTULUTjOxtkCcNApDxyxd3Z8USyrKfVO21o-2FTnwxyR88c6ht66EBvow9hHlIzKzq94Sw7j10EBigpAVwb3cPJdbxHelH-2FG3hpouATBRHwkt2WAo8yGRZcH7CTVQnVi5qrShrL-2FToH9CHmv77the7zbTgMTpJAWwz0EH1A8l5yliewNwUU3zz0OoRh3VIi6FhD7X0W-2FI8saFfAa1t1x2N4WR0irL-2F331gmNTTduZIbflJZ-2BuJdhIGdipDSRWrSFbsqTM-2FQjxbz5xHWlw5GXDfFaZA-3D-3D)

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Please see the attached correspondence regarding your public records request. Tracking number P026300-081221 If you have questions about the status of your request, please call (564) 397-2101.
Public Records Unit
Clark County Sheriff’s Office