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Iran-Contra, October Surprise and Reagan's Wrongs

A look into the wrongdoings of the Reagan administration and campaign, including the October Surprise, Debategate, MCA Records, the Inslaw and Wedtech scandals and the Iran-Contra scandal, which has been called Reagan's unchecked abuse of Presidential power.

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FBI can't find its files on the investigation into Reagan's "Debategate"

FBI can’t find its files on the investigation into Reagan’s “Debategate”

By its own admission, the FBI spent over 700 man-hours investigating the allegation that during the 1980 Presidential Election, the Reagan campaign received a copy of at least one debate briefing book used by the Carter campaign, giving the Reagan camp a clear advantage. But when asked for those investigatory files, the Bureau only produced a two-page memo ordering the case closed.

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