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552(a)(1,2) documents

Auditing the entire Federal government's compliance with the protective disclosure mandates of 5 U.S.C. § 552(a)(1, 2).

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Fedetal agency email metadata

This project asks for all email metadata of emails to/from Federal agencies, including intranet emails.

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Agency HQ/PR emails with attribution designation phrases

Part of Fiat Fiendum's FOIA audit, this is an all-agency request for emails containing phrases like "off the record", "on background", etc. It specifically targets emails as stored in centralized databases.

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One email, per organizational unit, dated 2019-04-20

Part of Fiat Fiendum's FOIA audit. This requests exactly one email per organizational unit (department, agency, office, etc) that has a significant-size attachment, was sent to/from the senior members of that unit, and was closest to 4:20 pm on 2019-04-20. This is very narrow, so should test the "simple" processing track, while also auditing compliance with subcomponent referrals, electronic format, and other provisions. And probably get some fun pot-related content.

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Chief FOIA officer's desktops

Literally, the stuff on their physical and computer desktop. Audits process concerns such as what FOIA officers are in fact doing on a day-to-day basis (as a snapshot), time to respond, format compliance, litigation holds, and reasonableness of responses such as difficulty of search (this literally is "the stuff in plain sight in your office", so should be zero search time), availability of records (by definition, these records exist), and negotiation (the exclusion list is basically "stuff that's hard to scan, triggers a recursion, or is private", and agencies could easily request that it be extended to cover other such things I didn't anticipate).

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Awaiting Acknowledgement

Email recalls (Department of Energy)

Sai sent this request to the Department of Energy of the United States of America