Robert Galbraith

I’m wondering if some folks with experience filing requests with FBI or other law enforcement can give me some tips on what records to request to learn more about an FBI training exercise in a vacant housing development in my city (aside from communications between the agency and the property-owner).

Can anyone help identify the types or names of documents that would have information about the planning, purpose, and outcome of the training?

Thanks in advance.

Russ Kick

The FBI has a pretty detailed article about “shoot house” training in vacant buildings here:\

One thing it mention is that there is a “curriculum” for the exercise. I’m sure that whoever’s in charge of each exercise writes some kind of “after action” report about how it went, lessons learned, etc.

Also, the article mentions that the Detroit house is vacant property that the city bought. I’m guessing that when FBI uses actual houses for these exercises, the city probably always owns them. According to the article, use of the house had to be cleared by “the mayor’s office, city council, and building department,” so there are several paper trails.

Then there this article:\

It says that the road signs warning people about the exercise have to be approved by the state Dept of Transportation

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