Mark Remillard

Can MuckRock fulfill a request to an agency that isn’t in its database? So for example if I type in my city and then want to complete a FOIA for the Mayor’s office and MuckRock doesn’t have that listed, then what?

Does MuckRock work to find out where to complete the request, or does is kick back my request to me?

Michael Morisy

You can just type the agency’s name in the field, and the request will still go through (typing in a new agency just adds it).

Mark Remillard

How does MuckRock know where to send the request then? Is that part of what MuckRock does, is to find the right channel to send to? For example, online record requests to the Mayor’s office in my town are required to be sent to the clerk’s office so does MuckRock do the leg work for these agencies to find out where exactly that requests is supposed to be sent?