CD Weissenberg

Is it possible to obtain a FOIA FBI file release in regards to a living U.S. citizen who was arrested and later convicted on terrorism related charges in 2004? The case was well publicized in the media and should be considered closed now. To the best of my knowledge the subject since been released from prison. Any tips or suggestions on how to best format my request would be greatly a appreciated.

Shawn Musgrave

You won’t be able to get their capital letters FBI FILE in the subject is currently living, but you ought to be able to get investigation records for a particular incident or investigation. One caveat to this would be if the investigation is still active – but this person was convicted in 2004, I assume it’s a closed case. 

You ought to frame your FOIA request as event-focused rather than individual-focused. Does that make sense?

CD Weissenberg

The subject is Hammad Abdur-Raheem who is a U.S. Gulf Veteran and at the time of his arrest a Verizon Telcom employee. I’ll ask for notes focusing on the specific event of his 2003 arrest and 2004 conviction.