jimmie lee staley

I’m becoming very disillusioned by this site. I paid for MuckRock to work with me on this request, because I thought maybe they would be the reason I didn’t just get ignored. But it appears both the agency and MuckRock are ignoring me. Anybody else have this problem?????

Jack R-W

It might be worth it to resubmit the request. They have accepted requests in the past on this site, so it’s possibly they just missed this one for whatever reason.

Christopher Richmond

Are you talking about help for on how to best write your request? Because this is how I found this thread. I am poking around the site looking for tips on how to best write a request. It is great they had a templet that my “one sentence” was punched into but I’d like some tips on what is the most effective way to write my request depending on what topic I am requesting. What should I include & what should I avoid?

jimmie lee staley

No. that Is not at all what I was asking. I was asking if paying to have muckrock do a foia ever resulted in getting the records from an uncooperative agency. That was my reason for working thru muckrock.