Colin Gallagher

My name is Colin Gallagher, and I have a FOIA request in (facilitated by MuckRock) which involves a request for NSA records. Currently I am awaiting the results of my appeal of the NSA’s Glomar Response.

About December 22, 2016, I changed to a new address. The address where I now live no longer corresponds to my current address referred to in the FOIA request and NSA response indicating that they are processing my appeal.

My questions are these: Should I file a new communication in the MuckRock file that would advise the agency (NSA) of my new address? My concern: If I do this, will they “start the clock again” somehow and take even more time than they already have in responding to my appeal of their Glomar response? And, is there a requirement that I advise them of my new address when I move in this sort of circumstance?

Thanks in advance for any help and answers.

Jack R-W

You can just let them know and they’ll update it, it won’t start the clock again. There is no requirement that you advise them of your new address.

Colin Gallagher

Thank you!