Travis Johnson


I’m surprised by the fees associated with filling this request, primarily because it seems the request I cloned received 10 years worth of data with no fees associated with it. My request is for 3 years worth of data, and requires almost $300 to fill.

Is it appropriate to point this out to the agency? Is that something they’re even obliged to respond to?

Am I correct in my assumption that no fees were required to fill the initial request for 2003-2013 data?

Any insight and/or guidance is greatly appreciated!


Travis Johnson

Jack R-W

You can point it out it you want, but it doesn’t really matter. Because of the sensitivity of this request, I’m guessing that the request was fulfilled in such a way as to make sure that they could charge for it. $300 is obviously prohibitively expensive for a request, and they are hoping you back away and withdraw the request. As to why they didn’t charge in the past, it’s possible that systems changed, or policy changed.

Travis Johnson

Thanks for the reply!