Andrew Goodrich

How is it possible that UMass doesn’t know how many students are billed the extra $11 fee on their tuition? Every UMass student pays MassPIRG this fee on their tuition bill unless they talk to the bursar and opt out, there is no way to find out how many students opt out paying MassPIRG?

Students at UMass Amherst vote to fund MASSPIRG through a $11 per student per semester waivable fee.

dale osborn

Its not. A reasonably skilled database tech can get almost ANY electronic data using less than about 15 minutes of programing. Any computer science professor will agree with me on that more or less. Its possible the request is getting passed around until it ends up in the hands of a non-technical person. Resubmit and ask them to have a tech get the data. It might help if you call the university help desk and ask them to get you to the right guy . . . “who takes care of your billing databases” . . . “if administration asked you to, could you . . . .” once you know his name then put it in the request.

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