Brad Threatt

Any suggestions on how to proceed here? I’ve read all the cited sections, and I can only come to the conclusion that their claim is that this is “intelligence information”. None of the other categories (complaints, investigations, security procedures) seem to apply.

My original claim was that this is not “intelligence information”, as this vast majority of this information is not “related to criminal activity”.

From 6254(f)(b)(2): “Intelligence information is related to criminal activity but is not focused on a concrete prospect of enforcement.”

Files on gang members would be an example of “intelligence information”. My claim is that this is not related to criminal activity (it’s just the locations of automobiles, 99.9% of them being lawfully licensed, operated, parked, etc.). If I make the same request, I expect the same response. Is there anything I should do, other than appeal the decision? Anything else worth pointing out?

Thanks, -Brad T.

Tom Nash

Hi Brad,

It does seem like a broad interpretation, and that to me makes it seem worth appealing. It would be interesting to see if their use of this holds up.



Miss Monika

Were you submitting FOIA request? If so, what specifically?

Shawn Musgrave

I would absolutely appeal this request – a number of localities have released ALPR data, and this one would be huge!

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