Sam Reynolds


As part of a story I’m working on I’m FOIing a police report about a stolen item from a trade show (which itself blew up and became a widely publicized story).

I’ve filed an initial FOI request with the Department in question and they said that they cannot locate a record of such an event, and will search again if I can get an incident number from the company of which had the item stolen. \ \ I contacted the company and they said that publishing the police report was a no-go, and will subject me to civil/criminal liability.

I want your guys’ thoughts on the matter:

1) Aren’t police reports FOIable? The response I got from the department wasn’t a ‘we can’t release this’ it was more of a ‘we can’t find this’ (\ \ 2)If a police department publishes a report on MuckRock isn’t it then a public document?

Alys Brooks

I wonder if you could ask for all reports from the day or days in question. (Or maybe just all theft reports?) A pretty broad request for larceny police reports from Chicago [succeeded]( Admittedly, the Chicago police might have a more sophisticated police report database and those weren’t full reports, just summaries.

I’m not sure about your second question.

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