Patrick Durusau

Jessica Reznicek and Ruby Montoya say they damaged the DAPL pipeline specifically at Mahaska County, IA (March, 2017) and at other points in Iowa following that date. I have a list of all the sheriffs in Iowa where the DAPL pipeline runs.

1) Should I create separate requests for damage reports versus communications with the media on non-publication of reports of such damage?

2) How should I frame the requests for communications from the sheriff’s office to the media requesting non-publication of the damage reports? So that it includes emails, phone logs, smail, etc.

It struck me as odd that the media learned of damage to the DAPL pipeline via Jessica Reznicek and Ruby Montoya, not through more traditional channels.



Edwin Stamm

They mention actions in Buena Vista County, IA, Mahaska County, IA and Wapallo County, IA in a statement published here. If these incidents were reported to the authorities, there should be police reports.

Jack R-W

1 : You should make separate requests if you want to, it doesn’t normally help or hurt you. 2: If you want emails, it’s good to have an idea of something concrete, such as a specific timeline, names/emails of the people involved, or specific keywords.

Patrick Durusau

Thanks! I’ll start with the two known counties, to pick up specific forms, words and then follow up with other Iowa counties.

Sophia Clark

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