Craig Corliss-McDermott

Hello, I live in Montpelier, Vermont. I would like to submit new FOIA rquests to local and state agencies which are not included on the site, I am a paying member and would like to utilize the site as needed for the pursuit of truth and education of the Vermont Tax Payers, where do I start to build new directories or new options for FOIAs in less popular localities? How do I go about using MUCKROCK as a tool for these smaller muni submissions, its a matter of timing as well. Please let me know, when I search the data base or put my city in the search bar it comes up as “No results found”???

Any advice and help would be great, MUCKROCK is getting results where if I was to submit on my own I would continue to be ignored!

thanks so much

Michael Morisy

Hi Craig! So sorry I missed this until now. For technical support rather than advice on requests, is the best option.

I just tried our submit tool and was able to get Montpelier under local option:


If there’s not a particular agency in our database yet, you can just type in the agency’s name in the field below that and we’ll research and submit and then have it added to our database from here on out. Hope this helps.

Craig Corliss-McDermott

Here are the departments and localities I would like, can I add more to this thread later?? Thanks in advance

montpelier (VT) police department

Montpelier (VT) fire department

Montpelier (VT) public works Department

Montpelier (VT) mayors office