Kyle Jaeger

Hi all,

I was hoping to get some advice on what my next step should be with a FOIA request I sent to the DEA/DOJ last year. The original request was submitted Nov. 22, and a few weeks later, I got an email requesting an updated mailing address for them to send my acknowledgment letter to. I called to confirm that I just needed to reply to the official’s email, but now it’s been three months and I haven’t received/heard anything from the department’s FOIA unit. I sent a follow-up email and I’ve been calling the designated offices for the last few days but nobody seems to be available—and so I’m wondering if anybody who has experience with these agencies could offer some advice as to what I ought to do next?

Thank you in advance!

Raechelle Larkin

Reply to their response and be sure to include your original request. Ask them for an update including a time frame for response. (Keep squeaking until they give you some cheese. ;)