Deb Miller

4 years ago, the city commission discussed drafting laws on drones if it ever became an issue for our city. Back then, they didn’t seem to think it would take off like it has (based on the meeting minutes) but now there is obvious aerial activity occurring and not a peep from city hall about it. It feels awful Orwellian around here, and I’m super uncomfortable. I posted in a local thread about it, but I was mocked and generally dismissed as crazy by those who replied.

I want to know if the city paid for these things, and if so, who got the bid? I want to know their purpose, their capabilities, who flies them (LEOs or other govt employees), and what regulations -if any- the city has developed to protect citizen privacy. If it’s not the city, then I assume it’s either county or state (KS), but I’d like to cast the net wide enough to include all possible entities.

I’m a new member, but I’ve logged so many hours browsing this site in awe of what has been released already. I’ve tossed the idea around for a few months and I think I’m ready to send the request. I just would like guidance as to what agency or dept I should send my request to and how I should word it to get the best results?

Russ Kick

Hi, Devon, there’s a MuckRock user who’s had a lot of success getting drone documents like the ones you’re describing. She’s been requesting from state police departments and other state-level agencies, but it should also work for city police depts and county sheriff depts. Here’s an example:

Near the top of the screen, there’s a blue button labeled “clone.” If you click it, MuckRock will automatically create a new version of the request, and you can fill in which police/sheriff dept you’d like to send it to.