Need A Help With A Major Bombshell Corruption Expose That Will Expose Multiple California Government Agencies & Law Enforcement Departmemts

Asked by James Hartline on April 26, 2015.

1 answer from Daniel Miller.

James Hartline

I want to keep this confidential for right now, but I would like to communicate directly with some expert FOIC experts who can help me get the records I need to compliment four years worth of work I have been doing. My story will culminate in reporting on one of the biggest scandals in the history of the state of California. When certain government officials got wind that I had begun connecting the dots and acquiring records which proved my allegations, many official state records began to disapper. I need to obtain anything that is still alive and hasn’t been destroyed. I will be able to prove that the California Departmemt of Corrections, the Department of Parole, the San Diego Police Department and several government-funded medical institutions were involved in a covert implented plan of intentional infecting state prisoners and parolees - deemed expendables - with intentionally infecting them with the AIDS virus as part of a big money, for-profit research project. I am one of the victims and I have already acquired substantial documents and evidence which uncovered this inconceivable criminal enterprise, including the names of state doctors and government officials who were involved. As I get more fatigued and ill, I am begging for others who can help me acquire the remaining records I need to complete my books. To those who help me, I will gratefully share profits from what promises to be several multi-million selling books and documentaries.

Daniel Miller

Well this is interesting if a bit crazy sounding. Well. I do have a lot of experience in chasing down records and have good connects w/ the press. Could take a look at if you want.


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