Taylor Dobbs

I’m trying to find any records that would show the relationship between Immigration and Customs Enforcement officials and local law enforcement in Vermont. ICE is telling me the request is too broad, but by their very nature these records could be in a variety of places so I don’t want to narrow my request in a way that excludes records that would shed light on that relationship.

How should I respond to their “overbroad” claim so as to get the records I want without excluding any?

Jack R-W

You’ll need to be able to narrow your request, it’s definitely way too broad at this point. Removing the first point and narrowing the second and third ones would be a better way to start your request.

Jack R-W

You could combine the second and third point to something like “All new or updated protocols, policies, and directives regarding the screening of people for entry into the United States” and then “All memoranda, policies, protocols, directives, and training materials issued after 01/01/17 regarding religious beliefs and religious activities.”