Rich Jones

OGIS is supposed to be the mediator when agencies are fucking up or dragging their feet, right?

Any guides/tutorials/advice on how to get started with that process?

My FOIA request to the FBI about Cryptome has been sitting in the queue since 2011 and I think that’s more than enough time for them to get their act together.

How can I get OGIS to poke the FBI on my behalf?

Well wishes, R

Cheryl E

I called OGIS on the phone before about an overly redacted document. They told me to file an appeal. So, I can’t say that I found much value in contacting them.

I did end up filing a lawsuit and that got a response.

If you substantially prevail in a FOIA lawsuit, the agency can be ordered by the court to pay your attorney fees and other costs. Whether the court will order the payment of your fees and costs is another question.