Robert Mckenzie

I am working with a professor at the University of California Santa Barbara researching an armed attack on a group of Mexican workers on strike at a Ford plant in Mexico city in 1990. He researched this for his doctoral dissertation. I have been told over the years that the American Institute for Free Labor Development, an AFL creation, was involved. Today it is widely believed to have been used as a CIA cover. I am in the process of getting AFL-CIO and UAW files on this. Any suggestions on how to write a FOIA act request?

Jack R-W

You should be specific enough that they don’t reject your request as being too broad, while being careful not to be too specific. If you plan on sending a FOIA to the CIA, you should understand that they are the worst agency to request documents from. They will almost certainly not give you anything useful. State might be more useful, as they will probably have cables mentioning that event.