Edgardo Rodriguez

This is to respectfully reconsider, or re-submit my FOIA request to the office of the Governor for the State of WA due to the language used on the response, which stated “…were sent or received during the Inslee Administration through the date of your request,…” The investigation launched by the Federal Government was initiated during the time of prior Governor. I strongly believe this response is avoiding addressing the issue. The Department of Revenue, which is the agency I worked for during the investigation was in full compliance with the request, I am witness of federal agents working on the premises examining audits records I had worked on during my years of employment.

Your response is greatly appreciated.

Edgardo Rodriguez

JPat Brown

Edgardo, hello! Apologies for the late response - all such appeals must be filed through the request page. If you email me the request at info@muckrock.com, I can preform this follow-up for you. Best, J.Pat

Edgardo Rodriguez

Pat, I submitted the Appeal request. I hope this helps and if you need additional information, please let me know.

Best regards,