y. jolie velez

Hi, this is my first time on MockRock. I was informed that MR’s website’s very informative and it was highly recommended. I was wondering if MR is able to me w/a number of FOIA requests.

It’s come to my attention that I’ve been entered on a database (biometrics), I believe though not positively sure, through “suspicious activities reporting”. I live in Ashburn, Virginia. Would it be possible to request a FOIA on information collected/obtained thru License Tag Reader in Virginia & Fusion Center located in NOVA? I would like to also request FOIA’s from local law & state enforcements and all or any agencies that collects, disseminates information on individuals “suspected” of engaging of criminal activity? Filing a lawsuit against the government for violating my 4th Amendment rights will be difficult, but I’m determined to pursue whatever avenues are at my disposable. If I’ve been labeled a “criminal”, or a “person of interest” or a “suspicious individual” - then it’s the government that has to answer to me now.

Please feel free to contact should you require additional information.

Again, I greatly appreciate your assistance to the above-mentioned matter.

Y. Jolie Velez

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