Rich Jones

I just want the documents and don’t particularly want to talk to anybody on the phone. What should I do?

Rich Jones

It also says “Fix Required due 251 days from when the fix is received” - that can’t be right, can it?

Michael Morisy

Hi! That’s really weird about the due time. I think it might be how many days it is overdue, and a bug is inverting it. Will check out.

As for the phone call, I often explain that my schedule is busy, and I’d like to address any questions in writing by phone. Often times a phone call is genuinely helpful, but you have a write to get things in writing and simply stating that is often enough to get them to respond in kind.

Rich Jones

Okay, I asked him to express it in writing. Re: the bug, it now says this: “We’ll automatically send a follow up to this request on April 17, 2015. You can pause automatic follow ups on the right, and follow up manually below. Status: Awaiting Response, due in 8 months, 2 weeks”

2015! :)

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